All Happy Families

In 1996, movie star Skylar Webb auctioned off his sperm to 100 female fans before a nervous breakdown sent him into seclusion. Sixteen years later, four of his children join forces to find them as their own lives start to fall apart.

Scattered across the country, Skylar’s offspring are a misfit bunch. Alexander is a budding drag queen whose time in the spotlight gets cut short after he encounters the seedier side of clubbing, while Ruby Jean’s Down syndrome and her overprotective lesbian mothers are complicating her growing sexual awareness. Dee is struggling with an unwanted pregnancy, and bullying is sending Edgar into a suicidal shame spiral.

In addition to sharing half their DNA, these teens are united by the hope that finding their bio-dad will provide the key to fixing all their problems. What they discover will change each of their lives forever, but not in the way any of them expect.

ALL HAPPY FAMILIES is told through alternating perspectives, with a mixture of news articles, video chats, letters, and emails.

Zombie High volumes 1 & 2

It’s thirteen years into the zombie apocalypse, and civilization has moved underground. You play Jane Valentine, a high school freshman with two goals: to make dreamy Tommy Fernando fall in love with her, and to kick as much zombie butt as possible. It’s up to you whether she becomes the most popular zombie fighter in school or is left to wander the halls a nasty fecto.

Zombie High is a series of interactive novels that will engross you in a story while allowing you to make the decisions that will determine your fate. It’s available on multiple platforms, including Android, Apple, Windows, Amazon, and Nook. Visit Delight Games for more information.